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Writer's Block is Like the Tooth Fairy

It's not real but if you think about it too much you'll get freaked out

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Are you absolutely positively sure?
Yucky Fish
There is something about a near-miss that is more frustrating than a total air-ball. When it comes to short stories, when I get a form rejection, I simply file it and send another submission out. When I get back a rejection with notes, with the editors telling me they liked it and held on to it for a while because they just couldn't decide...
Makes me want to get down and beg. Are you suuuuure? Brain asks. I see why people want to argue with rejections. When they so obviously liked it, but then made the final decision to reject it, they were clearly drunk. I'm all about giving people second chances.

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I know just how you feel. There's one editor who has sent me three glowing rejections, always ending with "send us more of your work." I just don't have that many pieces of the appropriate length/genre. Sigh.

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