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Rip out the seams
calvin & hobbes
I finally gathered the bits and pieces of the three or four different versions of the novel into one document and then attempted to make a table of contents for it--I like doing this because then I can find parts of the story when I need to reference them. I have 31k words (not counting the 3-5k I have handwritten in a notebook) and it is an unholy mess. Here is a non-random sample of three different chapter headings:
Chapter one--if teetotaler
Chapter one--another option
Chapter one--if already in Chicago
I am actually looking forward to the rewrite of this. I hate cleaning, for example, and generally avoid it, but when my kitchen gets SO messy that you can't use the sink and the floor is sticky and the stove is more brown than white (yes I'm gross) I actually get excited to clean, and can think of nothing else until I have time to do it.
That's how I feel about this novel. Can't wait to finish writing the broken piece of junk so I can fix it!


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