Writer's Block is Like the Tooth Fairy

It's not real but if you think about it too much you'll get freaked out

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I grew up in a tiny town in northern Wisconsin, and after college moved to New York City on a whim (actually, I just like to say that. It's really because the Peace Corps rejected me). I am a cheesemonger by day, writer by night (actually, by early morning). I write mostly fantasy, some science fiction. I'm currently struggling with a novel and submitting short stories like mad. I am a 2008 graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop.
I live in San Francisco with a Boy Who Does Things With Computers, who I met in Manhattan and moved here with in a cross-country whirlwind.
Jasmine Hammer

DISCLAIMER: I get many, many rejections on my writing, and I post most of them in full, names and all. I'm not doing this to mock the rejections, argue with them, or be disrespectful. In fact, I am enormously grateful to the editors and slushpile readers who take the time to make a few notes on my story. I post them because I hope that, as helpful as they are to me, they can also be helpful and encouraging to others.